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DNA Policy

The Practice has a significant number of appointment each month which patients do not attend, without contacting the surgery in advance to cancel or rearrange the appointment. The effect of this is:

  • An increase in the wait time for all patients to book appointments.
  • Frustration for staff and other patients who do attend.
  • A waste of time and resources.

The first time a patient fails to attend an appointment, they will receive a courtesy phone call to notify them that they did not attend (DNA) their scheduled appointment.

If you fail to attend two pre-booked appointments, you will receive an informal warning letter - reminding you of our practice policy and advising you that missing another appointment puts you at risk of being removed from the Practice list.

Should you fail to attend a third appointment, another formal warning letter will be sent to you. This letter will inform you that if you miss another appointment, you will be removed from the Practice list without further notice.

Unless the Partners feel that there are exceptional circumstances, once you have failed to attend a fourth appointment within a twelve month period, you will be deducted from the Practice List. A letter will be sent to you to inform you of this action.