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Friends and Family Feedback Results November 2020

Results for Patients that would recommend our Practice to Family and Friends:

  • 36 Patients 'Extremely likely'
  • 11 Patients 'Likely'
  • 1 Patients 'Neither likely nor unlikely
  • 1 Patients 'Unlikely'
  • 0 Patient 'Extremely unlikely'
  • 1 Patients 'Don't know'

Some of the comments received from Patients this month:

  • "The doctor rang when she said she would. She explained everything to me. She listened to me"
  • "All COVID restrictions were adhered to, resulting in my time there being safe and stress-free. The service itself was fast and efficient"
  • "A very simple and slick service. The telephone consultation works very well"
  • "Friendly, quick, explained things well, was much easier than I thought"
  • "Good service once seen but over 15 min late is a bit unnecessary in the current situation"
  • "Ever since we came to live in the area last year my husband and I have had excellent service from all areas of the Practice"
  • "Temperature tested on entry I was told which way I must go out. Blood taken and left"
  • "Very knowledgeable"
  • "They delivered as promised like they always do in a friendly and professional way"
  • "Just really helpful and runs smoothly"
  • "Because it was easy, effective and helpful"
  • "Extremely rushed, for a smear. I was in and out in a few mins, from start to finish with next to no explanation about what was happening"

Thank you to all our patients who have taken the time to respond to our Family and Friends test. As a practice we aim to continually review the results each month to help support and improve our service provision. It is heartening to receive predominantly positive feedback which is greatly appreciated by the whole team.  

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