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Survey Report

Every year, the NHS runs a National Survey of each GP Practice which is sent via post to a number of patients from the practice. The results received from this survey are then published to help new patients to have an understanding of the level of service provided by the practice, as well as gathering information to help us improve your experience at out practice. Unfortunately, the results of the National Survey are often not truly representative of the patients at the practice. It is unknown what proportion of our patients respond to the survey, or how recently those who do have visited us.

For this reason, we decided that it would be beneficial for us to conduct our own survey. As we are always aiming to improve our service, we based the survey on the elements which we hoped to have improved upon from the previous years National Survey results. Patients participated in the Survey face to face, on paper and via email links and were all people who had recently had appointments at St Mary's. We are very pleased to present the positive feedback which we received.

After completing the survey, we were pleased to have received very positive overall feedback. In order for this survey to remain representative of the current patient experience at the practice we have decided to leave the survey open. Therefore, if you wish to take part in the survey you can do so here.

We plan to discuss the results of the survey with our patient group, as well as asking what they think should be included on the surveys in the future, in order to help us to continue to improve our service. 

Reviews of our practice can be found on the NHS website