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Welcome to Penwortham St Mary's Medical Group's website. Here you will find information about our main branch at St Mary's Health Centre in Penwortham. 

If you are a patient registered with the UCLAN Medical Centre, you may wish to visit our branch website https://www.uclan.ac.uk/students/campus-life/health.php


UCLAN Medical Centre will only be open on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday, 8am-6pm

from 3.6.19 to 20.9.19

(Our telephone lines will operate as normal on 01772 214800 Monday to Friday 8am till 6:30pm) 

Registering with the Practice

Our practice list is open for registrations. Our main practice boundary covers all of Penwortham extending to Howick and Hutton. We can also register patients who commute to Preston, but live outside of the area, as long as the patient is generally fit and well and unlikely to need home visits.

Please speak to a member of our practice team for further information about our registration policy.

You can start the registration process by completing the information on one of the following links:

Patients born in the UK

Patients from overseas

Further information can be found through the NEW PATIENTS tab

Contact Us


01772 214800


Cop Lane,

Penwortham, Preston


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