PSM Medical Group

St Mary's Health Centre, Cop Lane, Penwortham, Preston, PR1 0SR

Telephone: 01772 970079 (Please note - area code must be dialled, even for local calls)

We are currently closed. If you call us between 18:30-20:30 weekdays, 09:00-17:00 on Saturdays and 09:00-12:00 on Sundays your call will automatically forward to our 'Increased Access' out of hours service where you can book 'on-the-day' GP and Practice Nurse appointments at one of our other network sites in Preston. For more information on this service go to

UCLan Medical Centre, Foster Building, UCLan Campus, Preston, PR1 2HE | Telephone: 01772 970079

How You Can Help Us

We regularly get complaints that patients are not able to get an appointment. We can only improve our system with your help. You can do this by:

1.Cancelling appointments if you don’t need them, and letting us know with enough time to offer the appointment to someone else.

2.Booking ‘follow-up’ appointments as you leave the surgery.

3.Seeing the appropriate clinician (e.g. BP checks do not need to be done by a Doctor. One of our healthcare assistants or a nurse could do this for you).

4.Attending for regular reviews for your medication and not letting it run out.

The Partners at the Practice want their patients to know that they are doing all they can to make appointments available for patients. Having said that we know that like all practices, we struggle to make capacity fit demand.

General Practice has changed dramatically over recent years. It has provided Health Checks, which have identified thousands of patients with chronic diseases e.g. Diabetes. This Practice now has double the number of diabetics it had registered five years ago. These patients then need regular follow ups to monitor their long term conditions. This has been great work and is saving lives, but has raised the demand for appointments in your GP surgery.

You will hear lots of stories in the newspapers and on TV about the pressures which “an ageing population” will put on resources. These pressures are already here! More patients than ever before are wanting appointments at their GP surgery every day.

Public awareness regarding “self-treating” simple conditions has diminished over the years. More people want to be seen in their GP surgery with self-limiting illnesses (most of which can be treated with simple measures and advice from Pharmacists).

Lots of people are turning up at A&E Departments and “Out of Hours”(OOH) services with conditions which should be treated in the Community, because they are not prepared to wait. Each attendance at the OOH service costs the NHS a minimum of £35.00,and turning up at A&E is over £100.00

Opening Times

  • Monday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
  • Tuesday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
  • Wednesday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
  • Thursday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
  • Friday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
  • Saturday
    See Increased Access page in Appointments section
  • Sunday
    See Increased Access page in Appointments section
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