PSM Medical Group

St Mary's Health Centre, Cop Lane, Penwortham, Preston, PR1 0SR

Telephone: 01772 970079 (Please note - area code must be dialled, even for local calls)

We are currently closed. If you call us between 18:30-20:30 weekdays, 09:00-17:00 on Saturdays and 09:00-12:00 on Sundays your call will automatically forward to our 'Increased Access' out of hours service where you can book 'on-the-day' GP and Practice Nurse appointments at one of our other network sites in Preston. For more information on this service go to

UCLan Medical Centre, Foster Building, UCLan Campus, Preston, PR1 2HE | Telephone: 01772 970079


Dr Ian Buckley (m) - GP Partner, MBChB, DRCOG, MRCGP, FP cert (Manchester, 1986)
I have enjoyed working in Penwortham and the University for 30 years, and as a GP trainer for 20 years. I am very proud of our practice team, and the medical services we always strive to provide. When I manage to find a spare hour or two I enjoy taking divots out of a golf course, or blowing some notes on a French Horn or Tenor Saxaphone!

Dr Ian Jones (m) - GP Partner, MBChB, DRCOG, MRCGP, FP cert (Liverpool, 1985)

Dr Georgina Gundersen (f) - GP Partner, Qualifications: MBCHB, MRCGP, PG CERT Clinical Practice, Management and Education (distinction).
I completed my medical degree in Liverpool in 2010, I then qualified as a GP in 2015 and joined St Mary's in 2016, becoming Partner in 2017. I am also a qualified GP Trainer, passing with distinction in Clinical Practice, Management and Education in 2021. I am enthusiastic about moving primary care forwards and am actively involved with the Primary Care Network. I am also developing a specialist interest in the care of Transgender patients. I work full time and spend this with a mixture of duty doctor days, GP Training, and Practice Business development. Interests: Outside of GP land I have 2 sons who keep me a little busy to say the least! Likes/Dislikes: Outside exercise in any form, which is a good job as I am a foodie!

Dr Rebecca Glen (f) - Salaried GP, MBChB, DRCOG, DFFP, MRCGP (Sheffield, 1998)
Clinically, my interests are HRT & Women’s issues, palliative care and everything else! My interests away from work include Keeping fit by cycling and swimming, good food and good wine. Likes/Dislikes: Likes stroking her golden retriever. Dislikes running late

Dr Viktoriya Ginger (f) - Salaried GP
Profile to follow

Dr Jodanna Slater (f) - Salaried GP
I am a part time Salaried GP at PSM, doing regular clinics on Mondays and Wednesdays. On other days you might find me running after 3 young children, or else running up a fell somewhere. I love being outdoors and have a keen interest in wellbeing and lifestyle medicine. I studied at Leeds University and have worked in various hospitals around the UK, Australia and New Zealand along the way to landing back in Preston. Areas of interest include women's health, mental health, and more recently sustainable health - this basically means continuing to provide high quality health care whilst considering the wonderful planet that we inhabit. Interests: Women's health, mental health and sustainable healthcare. Likes/Dislikes: I love spotting birds. I dislike tantrums

Dr Jason Whittle (m) - Salaried GP
I trained for my medical degree at Manchester University before working in a variety of different locations including Scarborough, York, Lancaster and Preston. Interests: Between playing the piano and listening to classical music, I enjoy being in the outdoors: walking, camping, kayaking and climbing

Dr Aisha Ali (f) - Salaried GP
MB ChB 2018

Dr Jenny Givens (f) - Salaried GP
MBChB DRCOG MRCGP I completed my medical degree at Liverpool University in 2016 and since then have completed the remainder of my training in and around Preston. I particularly enjoy palliative care and care of the elderly but love the variety that being a GP brings. Outside of work, when I am not running around after my toddler, I enjoy playing netball, cooking (a lot) and being a Girlguiding Leader.

Dr Mohamed Patel (m) - Locum GP

ACP Team

Our ACP (Advanced Clinical Practitioners) have a variety of experience and backgrounds. This team help to manage a lot of the patients who need to be seen ‘on-the-day’ and they work in conjunction with our GP team who are on-hand to offer advice or support where necessary.

Amy Pavlou (f) - Advanced Nurse Practitioner
I qualified as a Nurse in 2002 and started my career in Accident and Emergency. During my time in A&E I trained as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) and completed my Masters at Warwick Medical school. In 2015 I made the transition into Primary care. As an ACP I work independently seeing treating and prescribing for a large range of medical conditions without the supervision of a Doctor. I also offer steroid joint injections for patients. Interests: I enjoy spending time with family and friends, leading a healthy lifestyle, going to the gym, and walking my dog

Joanne Hough (f) - Advanced Nurse Practitioner
I qualified as an Adult Registered General Nurse in 2000 after studying at the University of Manchester. I spent the early stages of my nursing career working in Accident and Emergency and Acute Medicine before moving on to work in the field of substance misuse for around 10 years. I went on to undertake some additional training to enhance my knowledge and clinical skills which also allowed me to prescribe medication. At this time, I was working as a Specialist Nurse within Gastroenterology. I took the plunge and came to work General practice around 5 years ago and have never looked back. My current role in the practice is as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner within the urgent care team seeing both adults and children with acute conditions needing on the day appointments. I am also the safeguarding support nurse for the practice. No 2 days are ever the same in general practice, I learn something new every day, enjoy the variety and the challenges it brings. Interests: Most of my spare time outside of work is spent with the family. I have 2 young children which keep me very busy especially with lots of afterschool and sporting activities. At the weekend we enjoy long walks, bike rides, days out and always love to have the next holiday in the diary to look forward to.

Caroline Hardee (f) - Advanced Nurse Practitioner
I have been nursing since 2003. My qualifications include: DIP HE Nursing, BSC Nursing and MSC Advanced Practice. I also have certificates in Critical Care Skills and a Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing. My background includes Neurosurgery, 13 years in Intensive Care, Urgent Care and most recently General Practice. AT PSM I undertake telephone triage and face to face appointments seeing both adults and children with a wide range of acute/ on the day conditions. I am also Infection Control Lead for the practice. Interests: I attend a cross fit gym. I also enjoy horse riding. The majority of my weekends are spent having time with family. Likes/Dislikes: Likes- cake and exercise which hopefully cancel each other out :) Dislikes- Butterflies (strange I know)

Jane Drake (f) - Advanced Nurse Practitioner
I have a background of 23 years in A+E and urgent care. I am happy to see most patients from 'cradle to grave' and have a special interest in minor injuries as well as end of life care. Interests: Long walks with my beautiful cockapoo Penny, spending time with my family and regular training sessions at the gym. Likes/Dislikes: I enjoy live music and comedy, eating out (although my trainer doesn't!). I like to make others smile and dislike hot sunny days - a draw back of my gingerism!

Fiona Chester (f) - Nurse Practitioner
I qualified as a nurse in 2012 after studying at the University of Central Lancashire. When I qualified, I worked as a staff nurse on a medical ward at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and then onto the Critical Care Unit at Royal Preston Hospital. I was then offered a job in General Practice as a Practice Nurse and completed my nursing degree in Practice Nursing/minor ailments. I wanted to develop my role as a Nurse Practitioner therefore I completed the (V300) prescribing qualification. I have worked at PSM since January 2023 and thoroughly enjoy my job taking a particular interest in dermatology. I have two small children and love spending time with my family and friends, eating good food and making memories!

Emma Cornell (f) - Nurse Practitioner

Practice Nursing Team

The practice has 3 part-time nurses and 3 allied health professionals who see patients by appointment. They provide a wide range of services including travel vaccination and advice, health screening, CHD, COPD, diabetes and asthma clinics.

In addition, there are two community nurses who work in the community treatment room. They are responsible for dressings, removal of stitches, ear syringing etc. Please ring 01772 644151 to make an appointment.

Sister Belinda Patchell (f) - Practice Nurse
Likes sexual health, chronic disease management, baby immunisations and travel health. Interests: My dogs!

Sister Annie Curran (f) - Practice Nurse
My job as a Practice Nurse involves the assessment and ongoing care and management of people who have long term health conditions such as diabetes, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Practice nurses deliver the immunisation programme for both children and adults including travel vaccinations, we also provide contraception/sexual health advice and cervical screening for women aged 25 to 65 years of age. Interests: Reading, going on holiday and Walking my Dog Dottie. Likes/Dislikes: Spicy food

Suzie Manning (f) - Sexual Health Nurse / Practice Nurse
I have been a Practice Nurse for 8 years and have a special interest in contraception, sexual health and HRT. I have been a nurse for 17 years in various roles so have gained a wealth of experience which enhances what I do on a day to day basis. I find my role rewarding and sometimes challenging. The main goal is to make a positive difference to each person I come into contact with. Interests: In my downtime I try to spend as much time as possible with my family. I enjoy walking, cycling, skiing and being in and amongst nature. My big passion is that I love to sing. I am currently in a choir and this has given me so many amazing experiences from singing for the Queen and all the Commonwealth dignitaries at West Minster Abbey to being on stage at Manchester Arena with Hugh Jackman.

Jade Taylor (f) - Nursing Associate

Mariam Yousaf (f) - Healthcare Assistant
Additional Languages Spoken: Urdu and Punjabi Usual Clinic Days: Monday (PSM), Tuesday Wednesday Thursday (UCLAN Medical Centre) I have vast experience of working for the NHS, in various different areas, including Cardiology, paediatric audiology,, phlebotomy to name a few. I’m passionate about building relationships and caring for people long term which drew me into General Practice work. I am currently finding great joy in my role here and as a member of the team here at Penwortham St Mary's Health Centre. Interests: Cardiology, blood pressures & phlebotomy. Likes/Dislikes: I like most things and I don't like liars or cheats

Danielle McLaughlin (f) - Trainee Nursing Associate

Claire Suthers (f) - GP Assistant


The practice also has a phlebotomists clinic (nurses who take blood). They are on duty between 8.00am and 11.00am on Tuesday and Thursday.

Medicines Team

The Medicines Team deal with the majority of prescription requests that come into the practice. They also advise our wider team on prescribing best practice and also liaise with local pharmacies when certain medications run short to ensure our patients are well catered for.

Yasmin Ahmed (f)
Lead Pharmacist

Hafeeza Qadir (f)
Clinical Pharmacist

Guldasta Shah (f)
Clinical Pharmacist

Jon Yeo (m)
Pharmacy Technician

Srilekha Beathi (f)
Pharmacy Technician

Social Prescriber

Barbara Nederveen (f) - Social Prescriber
Barbara helps our patients with non-clinical matters such as housing issues, access to benefits, social isolation and may other things.

Practice Management Team

A general practice management team is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and administrative functions of a general medical practice or healthcare facility. Their primary objective is to ensure the smooth running of the practice and provide support to the healthcare professionals working within it.


Michael Wain (m)
Practice Manager

Aleksandra Butowska (f)
Operations Manager

Fiona Greenbank (f)
HR Manager

Carol Marquis (f)
Education and Training Manager

Gianluca Ciavatta (m)
Site Services Manager

Care Navigation, Workflow, Recall and Administration Teams

Our care navigation, recall and administration teams serve as the frontline for our patients. They are responsible for providing a wide range of administrative and customer service tasks to ensure the smooth functioning of the practice. Here are some key responsibilities of a general practice reception team:

  1. Greeting and Scheduling: The reception team welcomes patients and visitors, providing a friendly and professional first point of contact. They handle phone calls, schedule appointments, and manage the appointment calendar. They also assist patients in rescheduling or canceling appointments as needed.
  2. Patient Registration: Receptionists collect and update patient demographic information, medical history, and insurance details. They ensure that all necessary forms and paperwork are completed accurately and entered into the practice’s electronic health records (EHR) system.
  3. Check-In and Check-Out: When patients arrive for their appointments, the reception team checks them in, verifies their information, and confirms the purpose of the visit. They may also collect any required payments for non-NHS work. After the appointment, they are involved in scheduling follow-up appointments and providing any necessary instructions or documents.
  4. Telephone and Email Communication: Receptionists handle incoming phone calls, answering inquiries, scheduling appointments, and directing calls to the appropriate healthcare professionals or departments. They also respond to emails, ensuring timely and accurate communication with patients, other healthcare providers, and external parties.
  5. Patient Triage: Receptionists may assist in triaging patient calls or inquiries to determine the urgency and severity of their medical concerns. They follow established protocols to provide appropriate advice, schedule urgent appointments, or direct patients to emergency services if needed.
  6. Handling Medical Records: The reception team manages patient records, including organizing, filing, and retrieving medical charts and documents. They ensure the confidentiality and security of patient information, following privacy regulations such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).
  7. Customer Service: Receptionists play a crucial role in providing excellent customer service to patients and visitors. They assist with general inquiries, provide directions within the facility, address concerns or complaints, and maintain a welcoming and comfortable environment for patients.
  8. Administrative Support: Receptionists support the overall administrative functions of the practice.

Our Secretarial, Workflow and Recall Teams consist of;

Gareth, Sharon, Diane, Charlotte, Nicola, Emma, Katie, James & Jacob

OurTeam Leader at UCLan Medical Centre is Shelly

Our Care Navigation Team consists of;

Lyndsey, Cheryl, Sharon, Kirsty, Helen, Colette, Katie, Debra, Harriette, Sarah, Tasneem, Madison, Marion, Claire, Amelia, Rhona, Christina & Karen.

Healthcare Team

Community Midwives - A community midwife runs an ante-natal clinic for our patients each Monday morning.

Community Nurses - We have district nursing sisters who see patients at home.

Health Visitors - This practice has two health visitors who are available for queries, particularly regarding children. They also work jointly with the doctors at the baby clinic.

Opening Times

  • Monday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
  • Tuesday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
  • Wednesday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
  • Thursday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
  • Friday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
  • Saturday
    See Increased Access page in Appointments section
  • Sunday
    See Increased Access page in Appointments section
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